A movement in which the concept/idea expressed is more important than straightforward function.

Conceptual Design


Conceptual design is a type of art which gives precedence to hypothetical function, it is the creation and exploration of new ideas. It is distinguished from conceptual art by closely relating to function; it is distinguished from design in general by not necessarily being actually functional but as illustrating a design that may show an idea that may potentially be functional.

If you want to hire a designer for any design project, whether it is for a graphic, interior, fashion or architectural design, ideas at some point need to be realized in a final design and product. How an idea passes through the design process from concept to design to implementation happens in context of a conversation between the designer and the customer. Communication is essential. Just like a conversation follows no set rule, the design process varies from project to project, designer to designer and customer to customer. Somehow the project gets completed, and that is the conceptual design process.